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  • kenburns1


Dock Road

Dock Road is a hybrid architectural form that is partly solid, luminous, veiled and diaphanous. This striking building is situated on a high-profile site in Cape Town’s CBD, near the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The design balances historical Art Deco details from the original building with a more contemporary design approach.

Dramatic architectural design featuring distorted three-dimensional angles from all sides solves the challenge of a tight triangular site. The face of the building is kept flush to enhance the sculptural effect of the architectural composition and highlight its striking geometries.

Large terraces with high level planting are veiled behind a membrane facade that spans over numerous floors. This membrane facade partly shelters the terraces, allowing the space to be used despite the temperamental Cape weather.

Modified floor plates are deliberately cut back from the façade to bring light and air into the narrow vertical atrium space at the core of the building. Roof level terraces, gardens and wellness zones complete the holistic corporate environment.