Duanne Render


As a driven individual that accepts only the best, Duanne studied IT Engineering and founded and successfully operated an IT services company before making the decision to study architecture.

He completed his Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand before moving to the United Kingdom to work for 2 years. He then completed his M. Arch, also at Wits University; and worked at Boogertman + Partners before joining Paragon Architects.

Duanne became an Associate at the age of 32, and a Director at the age of 33. His most notable project involvements include the Alice Lane Precinct, 30 Jellicoe Rosebank, 140 West Street, 15 Alice Lane Annex, and 6SVC (Sun International Head Office).

As the Director involved in production delivery and production efficiency, Duanne is also involved with the international expansion of Paragon Architects and generally increasing the Paragon client base.

He believes that good architecture performs its intended function well in terms of, among other considerations, programme, finances, aesthetics and urban relationships.

Duanne is a member of the SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP), with keen interests in property development, cycling, cooking and travel.