Our African place in the world is unique, but no longer isolated. We live and work in the ‘Global Village’ and we access the benefits and efficiencies of a wired and connected world. We love it here. We know all about excellence, and we know all about limitations.

Africa has been conveniently placed at the periphery of the dominant world order. Our belief is that it is on the outer edge where the world spins faster and delivers more surprises. It is on the outer edge where you have to hold on more tightly; it is where you need deeper and livelier roots.

While easy capitalist market definitions shape the perception of the real world around us, we have to confront questions of identity and purpose for ourselves in Africa, the ‘Global South’, and the ‘Developing World’. We take the opportunity to apply our skills where they are really needed, and to contribute to emerging economies defined by resilience, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We absorb the trends of the best of global architecture, and critically assess what of the best is relevant to our place and our industry. Africa and its conditions are strong and constant influences in our work: as opportunity, as challenge, as conditioning factors – but never as limiting factors. Simultaneously, global polarization is driven forward: culture, economic policies and religion are powerful dividers in the current global order. As culturally active professionals, we are keenly aware of this polarization, and we understand that architectural design has a duty to be a driver of cohesion and connection.