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Established in October 1997, The Paragon Group is an internationally active African Group of high-profile design businesses that deliver highly visible projects.
The Paragon Group comprises:

  • Paragon Architects

Paragon Architects is acknowledged as an innovator and thought leader in architecture through South Africa and Africa alike. With a diverse portfolio that ranges across various sectors, we understand architecture as craft. Our work is driven by true passion for the process of architecture. We embrace technology and all it offers as the enabling connector between architecture and other design disciplines.

  • Paragon Interface Architects

As an internationally active space planning and interior architecture business, Paragon Interface delivers a complete range of workspace design and implementation services for ambitious and innovative clients in the corporate, hospitality and retail sectors.

  • Paragon Architects South Africa

A dynamic and innovative local South African architectural business, Paragon Architects South Africa offers a full-service practice delivering the complete range of design, documentation and contract management service across a range of sectors in the property  industry.

Paragon is committed to Africa and we believe in the future of its cities. Our roots are here. We are able and agile, and actively participate in the continent’s urban and human development. Paragon is flexible and diverse in its approach to design. Each project is unique and is driven by lifestyle and a response to user needs. Elegant and efficient planning forms the core of our designs. We understand the needs of our clients and know how to generate cutting edge architectural forms and spaces in a competitive property market.

We are known for our hands-on engagement with all opportunities present in the modern global building industry. The true measure of our skill is our ability to engage at all levels and with all players that make up the colourful world of construction and property development. Our buildings and spaces look forward. We embrace the future, because we will be a part of it – part of its challenges and responsibilities, and part of its great freedoms and achievements.