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Our Vision:

To continuously build a resilient, agile and capable African design business that people want to work with and that is profitable and sustainable. To be known for creating surprise and delight, pushing boundaries, and innovative ways of finding opportunity in every project. To be known for creating elegant and responsible architecture for ambitious local and global companies, and for private and listed property developers and funds. To be known as the strongest link in excellent teams, delivering value and quality to clients and team members. To be known as an employer of choice and an investor in people and their innate and learnt skills.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to deliver exceptional buildings that provide real quality of life and measurable long-term investment quality; and to contribute to a better future in better cities by thinking long-term and driving quality decisions. We act responsibly in our role as custodians of the future, by using resources carefully and to their best advantage for maximum value in the long term. We contribute to the transformation of the South African property industry by supporting the aims and outcomes of the Property Industry Transformation Charter. Our goal is to be known and remembered for providing a rich and engaging learning environment for all people who join our team and work with us or for us.


Paragon People are:
CURIOUS _enquiring minds uncovering new insight and skills
ENGAGED_alive to what people and projects offer
MINDFUL_tuned into the present moment, focussed on the work at hand
IMAGINATIVE_visionary and able to manipulate knowledge to achieve the unexpected
DRIVEN_competitive, committed and able to finish things.