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Paragon Group companies not to be confused with Paragon Interiors in SAICA bribery allegations

By Paragon Media

The Paragon Group’s Founding Directors Henning Rasmuss and Anthony Orelowitz would like to inform all of its clients that it is in no way linked to, representative of, or associated with the company Paragon Interiors. This is a completely different and separate company that has absolutely no connection or affiliation with the Paragon Group.

“Paragon Interiors is an unrelated company. There has never been cross-shareholding or related interests between that company and any of the Paragon Group companies, its directors and shareholders,” Rasmuss comments.

The Paragon Group specialises in both architecture and interior architecture. It consists of Paragon Interface Architects, which is responsible for interior design and workspace planning, under Director Claire D’Adorante; Paragon Architects, led by Orelowitz and Rasmuss; and Paragon Architects South Africa, under Director Thulani Sibande, which was recently awarded a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment rating for 2018.

The Paragon Group is generally referred to as ‘Paragon’ in the media, and in the local property and construction industry, as an umbrella name for the diverse range of architecture and interior architecture services it offers. However, this in no way infers a connection to Paragon Interiors, a totally different company.

With reference to the article published in the Financial Mail of 12 July 2018 regarding Paragon Interiors and the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), entitled ‘Has SAICA lost its way’, the Paragon Group categorically states that the allegations contained therein have no bearing on the Group, or its constituent companies, namely Paragon Interface, Paragon Architects, and Paragon Architects South Africa. SAICA is not, and has never been, a client of any of the Paragon Group companies.

The Paragon Group is one of the leading architecture and interior architecture practices in South Africa, and has been involved in some of the most iconic projects that are helping to redefine the ‘new’ Sandton financial and business hub.

The Paragon Group subscribes to the highest levels of business ethics and gender diversity. It is actively involved in skills development and training, and helping uplift the standard of debate in the local architectural community, in conjunction with a growing presence across Africa.

The payment of ‘incentives’ to clients, or the pursuance of financial benefit through supplier incentives, ‘discounts’, or ‘kickbacks’ is explicitly forbidden in all business contracts of the Paragon Group, and has never formed part of the income model of the Paragon Group companies.